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Thank you guys so much!
I love all of you.

Even those new ones that came in, I love you too don't worry ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

I should seriously get around
Thank you guys so much!
I love all of you.

Even those new ones that came in, I love you too don't worry ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

I should seriously get around to doing those sketches sorry i'm a stupid and lazy procrastinator whoops

anyway, thank you very much!
so basically last time i did this I didn't actually do them and i am super super sorry

but if i do them now, the sketches might not be what people want, since it was more than a year ago


it might take a while, but i'll draw them when i can and i'm motivated
and I kinda suck so uh, yeah, be prepared for sucky versions of what you want

basically the first 10 (maybe more or less, whatever) people to comment get a free drawing of whatever
link to the character thing or try and describe what you want

1. :iconvladimirvampier: - A picture of me and her, and a picture of her and [SECRET PERSON]
2. :iconwoolfiee: - A picture of Ross
3. :iconkioshikitsunekun: - A picture of Markiplier in a flower crown
4. :iconmetzenthereindeer: - A picture of a flamingo dancing with a penguin in a tophat
5. :iconthecookieoffire: - A picture of Hatfilms
The intern tried to gasp as he became conscious again, but something hot was lying across his chest and he was finding it very hard to breathe. He slowly blinked and looked down to see a devil in a suit horizontally across him, fast asleep. He tried to sigh, but it was caught in his throat yet again as his crushed lungs struggled to find some air. The intern desperately shoved at the demon, who responded by rolling over slightly, and that movement allowed Melvin to take a large gulp as his chest was released. He lay in bed simply enjoying the pleasure of breathing for a few minutes before glancing at Satan, who had somehow managed to get himself vertical again whilst being fast asleep.
“Satan,” The intern nudged him with his foot. “wake up.”
Satan growled softly and wrapped his arms around the intern, who’s eye’s widened as he realised what was happening.
“Satan!” He spoke louder this time, a tone of urgency creeping into his voice. With a snort, the devil awoke, and promptly yawned. Half way through the yawn, however, he paused and stared into the distance before slowly looking down at his arms that were wrapped around the worried looking intern.
“AAAhh!”  He frantically let go and reeled back, but his tail was caught around the brunet intern’s leg.

“Hey, so are you guys aw-?” Ranger stopped in the middle of her sentence as she stood in the doorway, a surprised look on her face as she saw Satan and Melvin struggling under the covers.
“I should have asked if you were decent, I am so sorry!” She started to rapidly apologise as she backed out of the room, her face red with embarrassment.
“N-no! It’s fine. We weren’t doing anything. You can come back in.” Intern 2 called from the room. He jerked his leg and Satan’s tail loosened its grip from his leg. Ranger slowly entered the room again, peeking between the fingers of her hand that she was covering her eyes with.

Suddenly, Melvin winced and grabbed his other leg, crying out in pain.
“Hey…you okay?!” Ranger advanced forward and Satan sat up, looking concerned.
“I- aaahhhh…!” The intern was clutching the bandage and shaking uncontrollably, his face contorted into a grimace. Ranger looked panicked and turned to Satan for guidance. “What do we do!?”
The devil furrowed his brow and stared at the intern, who turned to look towards him with blood red eyes with slitted pupils. He winced again and screwed his eyes shut, his body curling up into the foetal position but with a large breath of air he opened his eyes again; this time, back to their normal blue.

Satan sat silently, and seemingly expressionlessly, save for the glare in his eyes and the slight flaring in his nostrils. “Melvin, stay here.” He growled, disappearing in a blaze.
“M-Melvin…?” Ranger gingerly placed a hand on the brunet’s shoulder as he hyperventilated. He was still shaking and gripped his legs tighter to his chest. “Melvin, it’s going to be okay… Satan’s getting help, okay? You’re going to be fine…” She was hesitant in her reassurance. Was he going to be fine? She didn’t even know where Satan had gone.

She was brought back to reality as she saw the intern judder violently and sit up.
“Melv-?” She started, but was cut off as she saw Melvin’s head snap towards her with bared teeth. She gasped and shuffled backwards as he crouched on the bed, eyes red again, and ears pointed like a demon’s. His teeth were more like fangs and a black, barbed tail swung behind him, like a cat ready to pounce. Wait. Ready to pounce? Ranger dodged to the side just as the intern lunged at her, claws in front of him, snarling.
“Satan!?” She called out, turning and sprinting out of the room. She didn’t stop until she had reached the door, with which she fumbled, and she fervently glanced behind her. Nothing. Nothing, that was, until she felt breathing down the front of her neck, and she turned to see Melvin smirking in front of her. Although they were about the same height, he seemed to tower above her, and she tripped backwards in her attempt to escape.
“Melvin, stop!” She called desperately, and he paused for a second, a flicker of terror in his eyes.
“Ran…ger…?” he growled softly, and she nodded quickly. “It’s me, Melvin! Please… stop…”
The barely recognisable intern flexed his jaw before his eyes turned wild and he started snarling again. Ranger swallowed and dragged herself backwards until her back was resting against the wall. The brunet intern took a step forward.

All of a sudden, a suited devil was standing in between the feral intern and the young woman. He narrowed his eyes and bared his teeth as well, lunging forward and pinning the intern against the wall with his forearm.
“Ranger, get up.” He barked, and she scrambled onto her feet. “I’ve got bad news.”
Ranger glanced at the intern clawing at the devil’s arm. “What could possibly be worse than this?”

Satan gave her an intense look. “Albie’s in hell. And he’s frozen it over.”
Double Vision - Chapter 11 - Turning

This chapter (I nearly called it episode there, whoops) has a lot of cliffhangers so... uh... I should probably not leave the next chapter a year.
But hey! It's back. I got over my writer's block.

Sorry you guys had to wait so long. I hope it was worth it.

Chapter 1: Double Vision - Chapter 1 - Gunshot
Chapter 10: Double Vision - Chapter 10 - Poptarts
Chapter 12: TBC
-sweats- by KatTheWriter
Sorry for the lack of... uh... everything, really...

I don't really have an excuse except for school and life I guess
But maybe more stories soon?

I don't know...

Made with deviantART muro
Thank you guys so much!
I love all of you.

Even those new ones that came in, I love you too don't worry ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

I should seriously get around


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heyo peoples

kat - aromantic asexual - agender - leo ♌

i'm triple a B)

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